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5 tips to Maximise your Business on Social Media

In today’s world, everything is done on the Internet. Social media has taken root and has become an important way for businesses to advertise and gain a following. Social media allows for real-time client contact and communication, as well as exposure to a broad range of audiences. If your business is new to the online environment, here are some tips to maximise your social media presence.


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Putting together a realistic and detailed social media strategy is vital to maximising your business presence. Many social media platforms exist; having a strategy in place allows for timely posts and actions on each. If social media is still very new to you, many companies, such as the Print Group ( specialise in providing social media management, so don’t be afraid to reach out to the experts.


Get Creative

The Internet is vast, and social media is just as fluid. One platform that allows for short and creative messages is Instagram. Instagram lets you showcase your business in pictures and videos. In a world of short attention spans, many users like to flip through content rather quickly. Instagram plays into the short attention span by providing a simple snapshot that helps you send a message to your audience, while attempting to build an emotional connection. Choose subject matter that grabs attention.


Start a Conversation

Social media is fast and in-your-face. It allows you to connect with clients instantly, and from anywhere. By using social media, clients get an understanding of your business model, which helps to build a level of trust. Try to start a conversation with your followers. For example, you can ask what they’d like to see more of, ask if they have questions about the brand and what it offers, or ask them to provide customer testimonials. A conversation with your audience is helpful for you to adapt to client needs, but also for prospective clients to hear first hand testimonials from existing ones.



Social media can be used to direct the audience’s attention elsewhere. Do you have a promotional event happening soon? Does your business support any causes? Do you have special offers coming up? Social media is the way to get the word out. Building a following is the most difficult part of starting on social media. The only way to build is to promote. Give people an incentive for visiting and using your services. Show the audience what your company stands for. You need to use social media to get people interested in your business.


Maintain a Voice

Across your social media platforms, it is important to maintain your voice. The voice of your social media strategy should mirror your business goals, and should also be consistent. If people follow your business on one platform, it is likely they will follow you on another. Keeping the same voice, or the same tone of the content is important in cultivating trust and rapport with your audience.

Social media can be tricky to navigate, especially if you are brand new to it. Using the services of media and print groups can be helpful in getting your business on the right track. How has social media benefitted your business so far?


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