Maximizing the Different Types of Mobile Marketing

Understanding the different types of mobile marketing is essential especially for people handling small to medium businesses. Your target market is no longer confined to their homes, not even their workplaces. Many of these people are extremely busy and are constantly mobile or on travel. Therefore, it is important to know where you must focus your marketing campaign.


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Even if you know the right positioning to reach your prospective clients with the use of most devices, you still need to be sure that they are within your reach, wherever, whenever. The sooner you realize mobile marketing is staying for good, the sooner you can align your marketing efforts in the right direction.


Don’t merely focus on cellular phones because they are not the only mobile devices deserving your time and attention. You need to be able to include other devices available on the market. Smartbooks, gaming devices, navigation devices and e-readers must be included in your careful planning of your marketing campaign.


To stay on the forefront of your chosen industry, you need to be able to give your target customers solutions to suit their various needs.


Here are some of the different types of mobile marketing to incorporate in your business strategy:


QR Codes. Quick Response codes let your customers get various business data of your products and services through their mobile phones by visiting your business page. Their phones need to have a Reader for them to be able to scan this.


  1. Multi-media service is another creative way to enhance mobile marketing by the use of audio files or eye-catching videos.


Location Based Marketing. Here you will need to use GPS technology to know your customer’s exact location and send your desired multi-media information to them.


Text Marketing. This is probably one of the oldest types of mobile marketing strategy being used. All you have to do is send messages to your target customers via text on their mobile phones, updating them on the latest deals, promos, and discounts available on your online or brick and mortar store outlets nationwide.


Pay Per Call Strategy. Here you use ads that require your customer to act or make a call before a billing can occur. There’s the mobile ad along with the number that the customer can choose to call and it is then sent to his mobile phone. For this strategy, you would need a 1800 number, which is a toll-free number your customers can call.


Mobile Banner Ads. This has the same principle with the ads seen on your desktop but this time it is customized or especially designed to fit your customers’ smaller mobile screens.


Bluetooth-Based Marketing. This utilizes Bluetooth to deliver messages to your target customers depending where they are located or where their wireless devices are based.


Voice Marketing. These are audio messages that are pre-recorded straight from a computer-managed playlist.


Recent studies have shown that more than ninety percent of people read the text messages sent to them while over eighty six percent of them positively respond to these marketing messages. Therefore, mobile marketing must be a crucial element of your marketing campaign to make sure you always stay connected with your customers. When they know you are consistent and are there when and where they expect you to be, they are less likely to switch product brands or services.


Thoroughly understanding your client base is the first step towards building a solid reputation for you and your company. You may be starting out as a small business but if you play your cards right and treat your customers well, it won’t be long before you’ll have to expand to answer to their growing needs and demands. People these days are so dependent on their mobile devices for almost everything – from getting directions, finding the newest restaurant, or capturing a coupon to get a discount from their favorite stores. So what are you waiting for? Get a move on and get on the mobile marketing bandwagon.




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