8 Tips For Successfully Managing An Exhibition Stand

8 Tips For Successfully Managing An Exhibition Stand

^8 Tips For Successfully Managing An Exhibition Stand

Managing an exhibition stand can be exhausting, hard work. But, it’s a great way to network and garner prospective clients. So, you need to make the best of it.

That’s why we’ve put together these ideas to help you make your investment in exhibitions more profitable and rewarding, and ensure you manage your stand with success.

1. Don’t Go Alone

Running a stand is a full-time job during the event, and you should never leave your stand unattended. Even if you’re a sole trader, take someone with you to help man your stand.

2. Dress Accordingly

Event venues can be extreme – too hot or too cold. They can suffer leaks and wind, too, if something goes wrong. So, make sure you dress comfortably but appropriately for your visitors and peers.

3. Be Timely

This isn’t just about getting there early enough to get a good parking, but you need time to set up properly and make sure things like cables and materials are out of sight before visitors arrive.

4. Go Over Your Checklist

Remember that carefully prepared checklist? Go over it. It should include enquiry sheets, a record book, and what actions to follow when you meet prospective clients. If you’re going to be selling items from the stand, make sure you have pens, notepads, and power-point adapters, as well as sales material.

5. Your Stand Display

You’ll likely have a few ideas on what does and doesn’t work best for you, and you can learn a lot from other exhibitors, too. But, make sure your stand is not cluttered and focuses on what you offer and what you specialise in. You don’t want to put too much on display, either, as it can quickly become meaningless noise. Make sure your well-lit displays are eye-friendly and appealing to visitors’ senses. For great ideas for your stands, visit today.

6. Don’t Pounce on Visitors

Exhibition Stand, 8 Tips For Successfully Managing An Exhibition StandSome exhibition visitors will know what they’re looking for, and if you don’t scare them away, they’re likely to tell you. Many others might not know what they’re looking for, well, not until you tell them what you have to offer. But, try not to pounce. Stay away from “can I help you?” types of questions which can chase visitors away. Rather, engage eye contact and smile. If it’s returned, ask a neutral question, even about the weather! Keep in mind that most people like to buy from people they like, so you want to create a rapport.

7. Have Something to Offer

It’s a great idea to offer serious visitors to your stand a little something, be it relevant, memorable or even a keepsake.

8. Learn from Others

Finally, learn from your existing customers. Take note of what they like and what they don’t from previous events. Ask similar suppliers what works for them. And, ask exhibition organisers for their thoughts. After all, their interests will mean you’re likely to exhibit at their future events, so they should be happy to tell you who attended previous exhibitions and what the feedback was.

Take note of the advice we shared and rest assured that you’ll be able to do well in your next exhibition or business event.

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