Handy Advice For A Safer Workplace

Handy Advice For A Safer Workplace
Handy Advice For A Safer Workplace

^Handy Advice For A Safer Workplace

Accidents do happen but there are ways to make sure they happen less. No one thinks they are going to be the one to get hurt but it’s key that everyone practices health and safety methods in the workplace to create a safer environment for everyone.

There are plenty of simple things you and your workers can do to promote a less-accident-prone environment. Whether it’s on a construction site or in a warehouse, following the tips outlined in this article could save a lot of pain and hassle in the long-run.

For example, ensuring you have enough hi vis reflective coats for all your staff members is something simple but it can literally save someone’s life. From what workers wear to the habits they practice, discover the best tips you can promote a safer working environment for everyone.


  • Use bright HV clothing – When possible, the clothing should have a retroreflective material to increase the workers visibility. This is essential for environments where staff operate machinery or in high-traffic areas. Protective clothing of any sort should meet an industry standard and never be a cheaper alternative. Other safety equipment such as goggles, steel-capped boots and gloves should also be worn depending on the nature of work being done.
  • Foster good communication – This way people can inform senior members of staff when a situation is unsafe. Supervisors should also be extra vigilant and aware of the surroundings. This way, they can alert workers of any activity and prepare them for potential risks.
  • Promote safe use of equipment – Using equipment properly sounds simple but is an area that often gets overlooked. Ensuring staff know how to correctly use the equipment to prevent injuries will contribute to a much safer environment. Make sure your employees participate in an OSHA 10 hour course for general safety.
  • Undertake regular checks – Checking and maintaining equipment will ensure it’s safe for everyone to use. It’s key to do this on a regular basis.
  • Look out for trip hazards – Something as simple as tripping can really injure people and cause lots of pain and legal hassle. It’s a good practice to be observant to spot spillages or potential trip hazards. You as well as other staff members should all be on the lookout for dodgy flooring, anything lose that can fall or cave in as well as other red flags on the site.
  • Keep higher objects secure – To prevent the risk of things falling and hurting workers, it’s good practice to ensure that everything is stored away securely.
  • Unblock emergency exits – Keeping exits and the work area in general as clean and clear as possible is wise. Less clutter means less chance of accidents happen and contribute to a more productive workforce.
  • Have staff take regular breaks – Simple yet often overlooked, this can contribute to more focused workers who are more able to stay alert to potential hazards.

Even though it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep the workplace safe, as a manager, the liability will ultimately rest with you. This means applying these tips will save a lot of trouble and potential mishaps whilst promoting a safer environment.

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