10 Low Cost Start-up Ideas

If you’re a young entrepreneur, chances are your biggest concern is money. The reality is that money remains a significant concern for many business owners, but the great news is that it need not cost a fortune to enter into a brilliant business arrangement as a franchise owner.


A telco company

To learn more about the opportunities available as the owner of a highly successful telco business, check out The telecommunications industry is growing exponentially and starting your own telco business can involve requirements as minimal as a phone and computer.

By working with the right telecommunications aggregator, you have access to quality systems and processes, as well as access to major network carriers, products and on-going support and training.

The great appeal of entering into such a business is that the effort required does not have to be arduous, expenses do not have to be massive and minimal personnel are needed. But, with these conditions in place, strong financial returns are possible.

However, to be successful, plenty of motivation and strong entrepreneurial spirit are essential.


Web or software development

Would you believe that it’s possible to create your own business designing state-of-the-art websites and developing software for $10,000 or less? It is possible because a great computer and a desk are sometimes the only things that you actually require to do this.

Initially, costs can be minimised by working from home and a good range of small business software can be purchased with license fees paid each month.



While many people try their hand at photography as a sideline to other business activities, there is opportunity to make money and develop a successful business as a photographer. To do this on a full-time basis, some investment is necessary but following this, overhead costs can be kept low if you have the required equipment and a great website in place.


Wedding planning

Sounds unusual, but given that more than 100,000 weddings occur in Australia each year (and the average cost of a wedding is $30,000), many people seek the services of a wedding planner to assist with their plans and arrangements.

The costs of setting up such a business include: advertising, and development of a quality website and business cards, but once you have these, a wedding planning business costs only a minimal amount to set up and run.


Online retail

There is no denying that the online retail industry is lucrative and growing, expanding and diversifying. To set up your own online retail business, you will need to cover costs including: a WordPress site, Google AdWord and PayPal facilities. A range of eCommerce solutions are available, and customised designs can also be bought.


Landscape gardening

Home improvement and lifestyle television programs seem to have drawn more interest to renovations and gardening. As a result, garden landscaping businesses are typically doing well and are expected to enjoy even greater prosperity.

It is comparatively inexpensive to start-up a business in this sector as so much can be done with even just a wheelbarrow and a rake.


Dog grooming and walking

Dog pampering is in hot demand and many owners value support in the form of grooming and exercise for their beloved dogs.

The costs of starting up such a business can be as low as $7000 and the ongoing costs include electricity and water. A website and advertising also help a dog grooming and walking business to achieve positive cashflow.



Your own massage business can be started quite inexpensively. In fact, you may only need to buy your own massage table.

Naturally, the costs you need to pay will depend on where your business is set up – the most cost-effective option is to run your business from home or offer a mobile service.



You will need the skills required to successfully fix things around the home or office, but if you have these, the costs of starting up your own handyperson business can be quite low. You may be able to operate a successful business with just your own transport and set of tools.


Technology repairs

Although there is a threat of repair services suffering at the hands of people’s willingness to replace rather than fix the technological equipment they own, there will always be demand for skilled professionals who can troubleshoot and fix technological issues. In particular, plenty of people appreciate help with the set up and installation of new gadgets and devices.

Young entrepreneurs do not need exorbitant funds to start up their own successful and profitable businesses.


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