What is Lurking in Your Office?

Yes, spring has sprung! If you can truly not answer this question with 100% knowledge that your office space is clean and organised then perhaps it’s time to have a spring clean, and get your office space spruced up, reorganised and freshened up for spring. The dangers lurking within office spaces have been well documented over time, and it’s so easy to just let things slide, especially if there is nobody reminding you that it needs to be done, or if nobody is responsible for it. Here are some things to look out for in your office.


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It has been well known for quite some time that air conditioners are breeders for various different germs. Why not have yours professionally cleaned to ensure that you are not poisoning yourself and your co-workers unknowingly? Having your air conditioning system professionally cleaned at least once a year will ensure that you are minimising the possibility of this happening.


Fluro Lights

The sad thing about most offices is that they are still using fluorescent lights, which while being cheaper, are actually terrible for your skin. Your skin is a living organ of your body, and as such it takes in whatever is in your immediate environment, so if you, or your staff are sitting under a fluorescent light all day long, five days a week, you may be doing yourself a lot of damage. Replacing the fluro lights is a great way of reducing illness in the workplace and bringing your productivity up as you will have less people off sick, and more happy staff, all year round.



Carpets are horrible things, especially if they have not been professionally cleaned in a long time. In business where there is a lot of traffic the carpets need to be cleaned regularly which is often not done unless you hire a professional cleaner. Professional cleaners such as AMC Brisbane are a must for any business that wants to stay on top of keeping the place in good order – and keeping staff healthy and happy. Don’t rooms always look better when the carpets have been freshly cleaned? Customers notice details like that too, so this could also increase traffic to the business.



What is the first thing that people notice when they use a bathroom? Whether it is clean or dirty! A dirty bathroom will instantly change the way you feel about a business, and perhaps affect the way you choose to do business with them. Having your bathrooms professionally cleaned will not only make your staff feel happier but is also sending a strong message to your clients that you take business seriously, and are genuinely concerned about providing great service to them.


Coffee Cups

Did you know that most coffee cups are not washed properly, and are continually used, over and over again, without this ever being rectified? Imagine how much built up ‘gunk’ is on them over time. This could prove to be a cause of sickness in the office, so why not throw out your old coffee cups, buy some more, and make a roster to ensure that all cups are washed by a particular person at the end of the day.


What systems have you put in place to ensure there’s cleanliness in your office? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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