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You always hear about business owners talking about marketing. Marketing a business, a website, or a product. But there is nothing different or wrong with you marketing your property. You could be selling it, or you could be renting it out. Whatever you are doing, you will want to make a positive return on your investment. To do this, people actually need to see that your home is available. If they don’t, then they aren’t going to approach you for a viewing. Property marketing can be tough, but certainly fruitful.


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Market The Area: Not Just The Property

If you want to get some viewings, then you need to sell the area not just the property. If you look at this Palm Beach realtor you’ll see how they use certain areas to market and categorise their property, such as gated community, ocean front, golf properties, etc. This means they pull the right kind of clients in right away. You need to do the same. Tell people why they should invest or live in the property. What is so good about it? Is there a great nearby school? Is it close to a beach? Do you have some amazing facilities close by, what’s the public transport like? These are all the types of things you need to be looking out for and answering to ensure people give your property a look in. It could be the best property in the world, but some people need certain boxes ticked before looking.


Property Marketing

Use Social Media

As a marketing tool social media rocks. You can utilise it and spread the world quite fast and all for free too. Post it on relevant groups and areas you think will get the most hits. If you are renting out a student property then aim it at student groups and the like. It is easier than you think. Social media is frequented by millions of people every hour. You can hit but a fraction of these and still find someone who wants to see your property.


There are many letting agencies out there you can use. They will rent out, manage and market your property for you but for a price, which means your profits will be eaten into significantly. Only use one of these is you don’t have the time to market your property yourself. Even then, think of all other alternatives before going ahead.


Take Great Photos

Ask any estate agent, there are tips and tricks to getting the right photo. You need the light to be right, the space in the room to be right, there are all kind of quirky ways to get the photo great. You can find some top tips here. If they don’t like the photos they won’t bother coming to view the property. Remember you need to take all encompassing photos too, not just of one or two rooms. Don’t forget the garden, loft and basement. You need to advertise the house as a whole, this is what people expect, so give it to them.

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