4 Effective Types of Marketing Videos for Businesses

More and more businesses are starting to market their brand and its products online – and of all the avenues of doing so video is definitely without peer. Simply put marketing videos outperform any other type of content, both in terms of engagement levels as well as conversion rates.


marketing videos


While there are many different types of marketing videos that businesses can utilize, some are certainly more popular than others – and for good reason. Here and now you’re going to find out the 4 most effective types of marketing videos for businesses:

  • Customer testimonials

Video testimonials from actual customers have a number of things going for them. Not only are they a powerful form of social proof, but they can appear more authentic and genuine as a video. Additionally the testimonial itself can be structured as a story, which will make it more interesting and engaging overall.

  • Video guides and tutorials

When a guide shows how to perform a certain task while directly (or indirectly) using a product, it serves as a good way to market it. Generally video guides and tutorials tend to be perfect when they aren’t overtly promotional, but instead allow the viewer to see the advantages and benefits of the product for themselves.

  • Product demonstrations

Similar to guides to a degree, product demonstrations are more promotional as they are intended to show off the product, what it can do, and what makes it stand out. The key with demonstration videos is that they need to be deployed properly in a marketing strategy – and normally perform best once interest has been fostered through other means.

  • Interviews

At first glance interviews may not seem that suited for marketing, but in the right context they can be a powerful form of endorsement. Essentially if an expert being interviewed endorses a particular product, what it can do, or how it helped them – that can act as a testimonial of sorts, but with added weight to it.


Of course before you can use marketing videos, you need to create them – which may be a stumbling block at times. Frankly creating videos isn’t that difficult however, and if you want you could create some great video presentations from slideshows with the help of Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac.


Using Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac you can compile photos and videos into a slideshow, and then set it to background music or a voiceover – effectively structuring a marketing video in the process. On top of that its features will let you polish it so that it really does stand out, with animated transitions, artistic filters, captions, and a variety of other features.


In short you should be able to come up with some impressive and compelling videos with the help of this Mac slideshow maker, and then use to market your business. Now that you know the types of videos that are most effective for marketing, why not use that as a starting point and come up with some marketing videos using Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac.

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