Niche Estate: 3 Unique Property Development Markets to Get Involved With

Real estate doesn’t have to boring and bland. Dealing with inner-city apartment blocks that all look the same or dull terraced houses can be sore on the eyes, so how about switching to something a bit more exciting? There are hundreds of opportunity investments around the world, and some of them are just waiting to be discovered by budding real estate investors that are looking for a niche.




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Holiday Homes

While most people are taking out mortgages on their regular homes, some wealthy individuals around the world are buying up holiday homes in various locations so that they have a comfortable and luxurious home to stay in when they travel with their families.


There are many places like winter park real estate that offer fun and unique family-friendly environments for real estate investors to put their money. Snowy fields, beautiful night skies and thousands of skiable acres in the winter are just some of the attractions to a place like Lakota. If you’d prefer something sunnier and warmer, then there are beach locations in places like Spain and the Caribbean that are outstanding locations for niche real estate developers to stretch their wings. With close access to beaches, local cuisines and touristy attractions, there’s no shortage of fun for holidaymakers.


Single Homes

Single adults that are focused on improving their business and image are gathering big profits from their startups and jobs, and it’s becoming increasingly common for them to buy their own homes before getting married. What this means is that there’s a growing market for single bedroom houses that are small but luxurious, and have plenty of space for parties and guests.


Wealthy individuals are willing to pay for large single-bedroom houses with a guest room and entertaining additions. For example swimming pools, bars and sauna rooms aren’t regularly featured in single-bedroom houses, but they are great additions for the single buyer. Most of the time a single buyer will just convert unused bedrooms into a study or another useful area, but if you manage to advertise for single buyers then you’ll get a surprising amount of good attention.


Luxury Homes

A luxury home is an extremely expensive investment, but the per-transaction profits you can make could reach into the millions. This makes the luxury home market an incredibly enticing one, but it also has a high barrier to entry. For starters, you’re not going to be able to invest in a luxury property with dozens of bedrooms if you don’t have a lot of savings or money to start with. Furthermore, luxury properties require very specific marketing and advertising channels—you won’t get many responses putting a luxury property on a regular market.


“Luxury” property usually means that it has some extremely expensive additions. This includes designer tiles and statues, immaculate gardening, at least one swimming pool and space for a dozen or so cars. A luxury property is usually surrounded by equally luxurious amenities, such as high-quality schools, golf courses and close access to a downtown district with all the latest brand names to shop for.

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