Personal finances 101: invest in football memorabilia and make some cash

 football memorabilia

Collecting football memorabilia is a satisfying hobby for many — however, not everyone knows how to turn this into a money-making activity. With the help our guide below from UK specialist in display panels: Where The Trade Buys, learn about which editions to look out for, to grow your collection. You may even have some valuable programmes laying around in your loft space… let’s find out?

The history of football match programmes began in 1888

In 1888, the first football programmes were published alongside the launch of the Football League. Unlike today, the aim of a programme was to keep score and it was made up of a single sheet detailing the teams and match date.

Over time football programmes increased in size, growing from pocket-size to A4, with some clubs preferring the smaller option and others opting for the larger format. From a single sheet of basic info, the availability of saddle-stitch book printing and a growth in popularity turned football programmes into thick, glossy books crammed with trivia, statistics and high-resolution photos that fans loved to buy before every match.

One of the first programmes to be published was the ‘Villa News and Record’ for Aston Villa. Soon after, the football programme took on a weightier format of between four and eight pages, while the covers became more attention-grabbing and attractive. During and after World War II, a paper shortage cut the number of programmes that clubs could produce — making any that were released very collectible today.

Today’s football programme stays true to its roots by giving spectators key details of players on each team. Although today, the programme can also act as a mouthpiece for the club in question, allowing managers and players to speak to fans via interviews and club statements.

How much are collectors prepared to spend?

There are many examples of rare football programmes being sold to collectors for a lot of cash. In 2012, a family from Ipswich managed to make around £46,000 by auctioning off a set of football programmes they stumbled across in their house, which goes to show how easy it is to not realise the treasure you have sitting around your home.

Fairly recently, Sotheby’s New Bond Street auctioned off the oldest-known programme from a FA Cup final — Old Etonians vs Blackburn Rovers in 1882 — for £30,000, while a single-sheet programme from the 1909 FA Cup final between Manchester United and Bristol City went for £23,500 in 2012.

To give you a helping hand, here’s a guide on which editions should you watch out for as a collector.

Collectible football programmes: some examples

For fans, football programmes clearly play a large part of the match day experience — but how collectible are they and which should you search for if you want to bag a truly special edition?

The first Wembley final programme from 1923 is a great example of an important collectible item. It details the match between Bolton and West Ham United and is worth around £1,000. Alternatively, there’s the programme from the one and only time a non-English club lifted the FA Cup — Cardiff City vs Arsenal in 1927 — which ended with a score of 1-0 and has a value of about £2,500!

The 1966 England vs West Germany programme is potentially one of the most highly prized programmes in sport. But be warned; there were three reprints of the original, so tracking down a bona fide version is tough. If you want to be sure you’re buying an original, check the weight and colouring — the reprints are more lightweight, while the front cover of the original is a deep, royal blue. Different paper types are also used for the team pages in the original, but not in the reprinted versions.

Another one that programme collectors look out for is the edition from the game that was cancelled following the 1958 Munich air disaster (Manchester United vs Wolverhampton Wanderers), which can go at auction for around £10,000, or the programme for the first match following the tragedy — the 19th of February 1958’s game between Manchester United and Sheffield Wednesday. In this programme, the club showed respect to those involved in the disaster by leaving the team page blank.

A quick guide for new collectors

Keep the following three key features in mind to make sure you’re getting a good deal:

  • Programme age — anything over 50 years old is most collectible.
  • Availability — if there are many available, this will bring the value down.
  • Demand — programmes with an iconic footballer on the cover or detailing a famous match are the most prized and valuable.
  • Wear and tear — creases, missing staples and water damage all harm the programme’s price, so ask for a photo before you pay.

Any programme from an FA Cup final match holds value, as does any booklet that was perhaps the first or final edition of a player’s/manager’s career (i.e. the last game David Beckham played for Manchester United).

Another thing to highlight is that certain teams typically hold greater monetary value than others when it comes to programme collecting — although, programmes from your team’s past will be more personally valuable to you. Sides such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, West Ham, and Arsenal are all highly sought after and are worth keeping an eye out for if you want a particularly valuable item. The Football Programme Centre is also a good source of advice if you’re keen on becoming a serious collector.

Many fans all over the UK enjoy collecting football programmes — particularly when you track down a rare edition or grab a great bargain. So, why not keep yourself football-focused until the new season kicks off by learning more about the hobby?


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Different Ways Social Trading Can Help You Trade Like A Pro

social trading

The financial markets are attracting more investors for all the right reasons. There are plenty of opportunities to make money in the financial markets and getting into the market is easier than ever. There are also more resources that help you learn about the instruments you want to engage, which means mastering the market is also easier to do.

One of the most intuitive ways to learn about the market while banking profits at the same time is social trading. Rather than trying to understand the market on your own, you now have the ability to learn from top traders and meet fellow investors through platforms like Ayondo. What are the benefits of social trading? Read on to find out.

Earn While You Learn

The biggest advantage offered by social trading is the ability to learn while earning profits at the same time. Instead of spending time getting to know the market by browsing through tutorials and watching videos, you can use a more hands-on approach and learn while observing real trades.

On top of that, you can choose to participate in the trades being made. From the platform, you can set up a live account and directly copy the trades of top traders in real-time. This means you make money whenever they make money.

The approach certainly allows you to earn while you learn. You get more insights on how the market works, a lot of chances to test your own strategies while learning the strategies of professional traders, and still bank profits along the way.

Collaborate and Share

Social trading platforms also allow you to connect with fellow investors. Rather than trying to figure out the market on your own, you now have one more tool in your trading arsenal: collaboration. Using live chats and the social features of the platform, you can exchange ideas and get insights from other traders.

In return, you can share your own insights and contribute to the community. This is a great way to accelerate your learning process and expand your network. It won’t be long before you start making real friends in the trading community and building stronger relationships with other investors with similar interests.

Eliminate Personal Bias

The last, and perhaps the biggest, benefit of social trading is getting other perspectives. When you have other investors sharing ideas and insights, you no longer have to worry about getting caught in a series of bad trades due to personal bias.

Even better, you can choose the best social trading platform to use in no time with the help of this InvestinGoal guide on social trading. The reviews and other resources available on the site are just as valuable if you want to find the right community of traders to join.

Social trading is the next big thing in the financial markets. It helps more traders enter the market of their choice without the usual hassle. If you want to enjoy these advantages, find a good social trading platform that suits you and set up your account right away.

How To Speed Up Conveyancing As A Buyer


Often when buying property, it is the conveyancing stage that has the most holdups. This can be frustrating as a buyer if you need the property transfer to be completed quickly. The average transfer takes between eight and twelve weeks, which is too long for many buyers. We’re sharing some tips on how to speed up the conveyancing process as much as possible so that you’re not left waiting a long time.

  • Limiting Factors

Be aware from the offset, that when buying a property there are many factors beyond your control. This means that no matter what you do to try and hurry the process along, you might be met with several delays that you cannot manage yourself. These factors may include waiting on mortgage lenders, the other side’s conveyancer, or issues further down the chain. However, there are still many things you can do as a buyer to ensure the sale goes through as quickly as possible.

  • Have Your Finances In Order

The fastest way of completing a property transfer is to be a cash buyer. However, this is not always possible, and so if you are going to be getting a mortgage and hoping for a fast completion, then you should let your lender know. You should tell them about your deadline and ask if they will be able to meet it. If they are not able to meet it, then you can switch to another lender that can comply.

  • Complete All Identification Documents And Pay For Your Searches As Quickly As Possible

Make sure that when you instruct your conveyancer to start the proceedings, you have provided them with certified identification, and this will mean no unnecessary holdups later on. Also, pay for all your searches upfront and then confirm exactly when you want them submitted (e.g. after survey results or mortgage offers). This should keep the process moving along, with no unnecessary delays.

  • Do Not Delay Submitting Enquiries To The Seller

During the property sale, once the contract has been received by your lawyer, they will submit enquiries to the buyer and their lawyer. If you have any specific enquiries you want to ask the seller, try to get these to them as soon as possible as they may need some time to reply. Some supporting documentation may also be required, so submit your enquiries as early as possible to not waste time.

  • Provide Your Signed Documentation To Your Lawyer In Advance

There is a lot of paperwork in the property transfer process that will require your signature, including the contract, mortgage deed, and transfer deed. Get these signed and sent to your lawyer as early as possible in order to limit delays. Take note that conveyancers or solicitors will only be able to accept signed originals of most of these documents, so get them signed and posted early.

  • Hire The Right Conveyancers To Speed Things Along

It can be frustrating waiting for things to move along if you’re a buyer in a hurry, which is why there are experts that offer their customers extra help when they are looking for a speedy sale. Check out Brisbane based River City Conveyancing for help with chasing aspects of:

– The sale contract

– Search results

– Answers to enquiries

– Contacting and chasing the seller’s solicitor, agent, and even the seller personally

If you’re looking for a swift sale, then there are certain things you can do to speed up the process, but ultimately there are some things out of your control, and managing that means hiring the right conveyancer to limit the delays as much as possible.

Debunked: 6 Bitcoin Myths

bitcoin myths

You’ve probably heard them before. As a sensational innovation, bitcoin is sure to attract just as many sceptics as it does supporters and investors. The complexity of the cryptocurrency can also cause a degree of confusion for those who aren’t in the know.

As a result, the critics fall back on to several “processes” that are total myths. So, to ensure you know how to buy Bitcoin in Australia easily, here are some common Bitcoin myths debunked.

1. Bitcoin is a speculative investment opportunity.

Most people first hear about the digital currency in the context of price. Whether it’s a recent dip or earlier bubbles, many think of bitcoin in terms of price volatility. But, bitcoin goes beyond merely being a commodity. For instance, it’s breaking down doors with its decentralised peer-to-peer payment network. Even if the price of bitcoin were to stay the same for a long time, it could still be used in many other areas other than just a speculative investment.

2. You can’t buy practical things with bitcoin.

Many people are surprised after knowing that bitcoin can be used in paying for services and goods. Even Microsoft accepts bitcoin payments and PayPal has partnered with a number of bitcoin companies. What’s more, many small businesses accept bitcoin online or in their land-based locations.

So, bitcoin can be used to buy tangible things. A big benefit of the cryptocurrency is the low transaction fees. Bitcoin transactions can save merchants anywhere between 1 – 3% compared to credit card transactions.

3. Bitcoin is used to launder money.

The bitcoin community tends to obey the rules and is usually willing to cooperate with the government so as to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies. To accuse bitcoin investors of laundering money just isn’t fair, or true. Tangible currencies are usually the preferred way for the unscrupulous to launder money.

4. You must buy a whole bitcoin at a time.

Bitcoins are actually divisible to eight decimal points. So, you can own a hundred-millionth of a bitcoin. Since the value of the cryptocurrency historically reached a high of around $1,000, buying a whole Bitcoin is a pretty far reach for many people, and just not practical.

5. The cryptocurrency can be shut down.

While companies can easily be shut down, bitcoin can only be shut down if the internet is shut down. So, it’s pretty much impossible and improbable.

6. Bitcoin can promise a fixed return scheme.

Many people think that bitcoin has to be a long-term investment in which they can lock in for a certain amount of time and then gain fixed returns at the end of that period. However, bitcoin comes with an open protocol. Both sellers and buyers decide the price, so there’s no guarantee and no fixed returns. If someone says you’re promised a certain amount of return, it’s a myth.

Armed with these 6 myths we’ve debunked, you’re better positioned to start investing in bitcoin.

Courses to help you start investing

Looking for help before you begin investing? If you’re curious about investing in the financial markets, rule number one is research. Research in depth what your options are, such as money, time constraints, and outcomes. This means that it would be good to think about positive and negative return scenarios on your investments. This way you’ll have a much clearer picture about what to expect for best and worst-case scenarios.


Followed by rule number two: invest according to your financial circumstances. Do not ‘play’ with more money than you can afford to lose, please. Starting small can help you get used to your investing environment.

There is a wealth of professional opinion and advice out there to help you get started. Find the correct form of investment for you. Starting may be difficult but consider something like a spread betting course. Develop your knowledge first. Often courses will be free. They come as part of the package in being a client for certain companies, CMC Markets for example.

Webinars, seminars and demo accounts are also offered by many spread betting providers these days. Companies such as CMC Markets often refer to these materials as educational pieces. It makes sense though. As these are how they can nourish people’s (potential investors) expectations to learn spread betting.  

Investment webinars and videos are searchable and are often on providers’ websites. These are more informational, like ‘how to’ use providers as a broker. Many companies include factual elements with trade examples. It is also useful to cover the basics and act as a good starting point. Tutorials can be in the form of webinars and videos. They will have someone who can walk you through the world of trading and will offer a personal touch on how their platform can best be used.

Most webinars and seminars will give a description of the information to come. Live webinars and seminars can provide a different scenario. They can walk you through more life-like examples and you can see how difficult or easy it is. There is often a chance for Q&As so you’ll get the chance to question anything you’re uncertain about.

With the range of courses and materials available, you can use as much or as little of these as needed. As a general rule, the more you research, the more it will help with your understanding. Demo accounts are another great tool to use along with other educational material. There should be no commitment in signing up for a demo trading account. You’ll have a sum of virtual money to use so don’t need to risk your real money just yet. Demo accounts will help you get hands-on with practising on the platform as well as using what you’ve learned so far. A suggested tip for using the demo is to invest a realistic sum of (fake) money.

There are a lot of investment educational courses available online. Take full advantage of them to help build your knowledge and confidence. Then, if you feel ready, you can start investing.

A Guide to Sourcing The Right Mortgage Broker

mortgage broker

If you and your partner have decided that renting is no longer an option, you will soon have to negotiate the murky world of mortgages. For the very lucky few, borrowing money is not necessary, yet for the rest of us, it is the only way we can own our own property, and one thing you will need in your corner, is a good independent broker, and with that in mind, here is a guide to sourcing the best mortgage broker for your specific needs.

  1. Performance Based Industry – The mortgage broker industry is very much performance based, and any established broker would have an excellent reputation in the field. If a person is happy with the home loan they got through a broker, they are likely to mention it to their friends, and with this word of mouth recommendation, the broker is not short of clients. If, for example, you are looking for a mortgage broker Central Coast homeowners trust, there is an established provider who can tailor the loan to perfectly suit your needs.
  2. No Cost Services – For the borrower, the mortgage broker’s service should be free, as they receive a small remittance from the lender, and that is good news for any potential buyer. This allows you to have all the benefits a broker brings at zero cost, making it the obvious choice, yet there are some companies who perform better than others, and we must always remember that the broker is limited to their connections with lenders, and an established broker would have a large number of lenders on their books.
  3. Online Solutions – The days of driving around looking for a mortgage broker’s office are well and truly behind us, and with a simple online search, it is possible to bring up a list of potential candidates, and after some browsing, you can make an initial online enquiry. With online applications, you can receive a mortgage pre-approval within a few minutes, and any queries you might have can be answered through their website.
  4. Independent Advice – Ideally, a broker will have the client’s best interests at heart, and as he is not tied to a specific lender, he can shop around on the client’s behalf, looking for a loan that is tailored to suit their client’s needs. You can also refer to informative articles that highlight the many benefits of independent financial advice, which can help you in other areas of your life.
  5. Prompt Response – When making an online enquiry, you should receive a prompt response, and the absence of this should be enough to continue your search by looking elsewhere. The ideal mortgage broker would typically respond to an online query within a few minutes, and with their expert staff, any questions you might have will soon be answered.

If you have an experienced mortgage broker in your corner, finding the right home loan is much easier, and with a free to use service, the borrower can find the right mortgage that ticks all of the boxes.

How Marketing Can Improve your Return on Investment


Investing in marketing has many tangible and intangible benefits for your brand and business. An effective marketing strategy can greatly improve your returns on the money and time you invest on your business. Here’s how it works.

Investing Money in Marketing

There’s a lot of investment involved in running a business, but investing money in your marketing strategy and execution is a very worthwhile investment if done correctly and can greatly improve your returns overall.


Investing Resources

Marketing also requires the investment of resources. Putting time into conducting market research, planning your marketing strategies and assessing progress towards goals and targets during the execution of your strategies will provide greater returns.

You can also invest in professional help with your marketing, support throughout the execution of your strategies, and professional training for yourself and/or your staff to get the most out of your marketing investment.


Value for your Marketing Dollar

To really optimise the return on your investments, you’re aiming for value and efficiency. You want each dollar and minute spent on your marketing strategy and execution to yield the highest possible return.

Some of the main considerations when aiming for this value is conducting thorough market research which will, in turn, give you accurate information about your target market and how to most efficiently and effectively market to them. Keeping your efforts focused on your target market will help you avoid wasted reach, which equates to wasted dollars. Wasted reach happens when you’re spending money on any advertising or promotion that isn’t reaching your target market.

Your strategy should avoid using outdated and inefficient media, so it helps to have training or professional help that allows you to keep current and relevant to marketing trends and the most effective media platforms.


Increase in Customers and Sales

Once you’ve conducted your market research and have designed a marketing strategy that appeals to and reaches your target market, the reward is an increase in your customers and an increase in sales. Your investment might provide you with more web traffic and more leads too.

A well thought-out marketing strategy that incorporates a memorable and compelling message, delivered through the right media platforms, will ideally persuade customers into action; that action should be spending money on your products.


Add Value to Your Brand

Another valuable return on your investment is that a successful marketing campaign will not just yield tangible benefits like sales and leads, but will also add value to your brand. This is an intangible benefit that is often overlooked when doing the maths on marketing investment returns.

Adding value to your brand is invaluable to the success of your business. Building up a reputation and contributing to positive brand identity will reap great rewards for your business. One way to do this is the effective use of a logo, on a website or otherwise. Logos are not cheap, it may cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, but thanks to online tools like Turbologo, Logojoy , and the likes, you can design logos and only pay for the ones you wish to use. Their page, Expert Roundup, is a great resource for those looking to build an effective marketing website.

Marketing is an incredibly valuable investment to make and is money well spent if done efficiently and effectively. It’s highly advisable to enlist professional help or invest in training to ensure you’re getting the most out of your marketing budget and avoiding wasted reach or investing in inefficient and outdated media or strategies.


Making Your Engagement in Stocks and Shares as Risk Free as Possible

stocks and shares

Not all too long ago, the only people engaging actively with stocks and shares tended to be the professionals. However, nowadays, we have such easy access to information that increasing numbers of people who barely know what stocks and shares tend to be investing in them for themselves. This is positive. After all, you can make a whole lot of money by purchasing the right stock and selling it at the right time. However, it’s important to bear in mind that this isn’t a risk-free process. If you invest in the wrong company, don’t keep an active eye on the stock markets, or sell up at the wrong time, you could also make a loss. Stocks are volatile. It’s possible for them to rapidly peak without you even noticing it. So, how do you engage with them while exposing yourself to the lowest levels of risk possible? Well, keep reading to find out!


Try Out Stock Simulators

Before you start investing heavily in stock yourself, train with stock simulators. These essentially allow you to engage with the real stock market but with fake money. The stocks will act exactly as they would if you were using real money and reflect their prices on the actual market. You also buy them as you would online in real life by filling out a trade ticket. This is a great practice run. You get to learn without actually risking any cash in the process. Find a good stimulator at Investopedia. You can track your portfolio, trade options, short stock, place market orders, and limit orders. Perfect!


Pair Up With the Professionals

If you are unfamiliar with stocks and shares and how they work, it might be best for you to pair up with professionals. Ally Invest is a good example. Previously known as Tradeking, this service makes researching the stock markets more simple than ever. The extensive research and tools that they provide you with make scanning stocks, screening for new stocks, and performance analysis a breeze. What’s more? Market and company snapshots are free, allowing you to gain access to metrics, research, and insights into individual companies without any charge. If you’re feeling hesitant, just read this ally invest review. This piece is put together by Investormint, a site that specialises in personal investor tools and exclusive insights to help you form the best financial decisions possible. They’ve given the company five stars!


Find Another Venture

If you are massively concerned about the risk entailed with stocks and shares, it might be best to find another venture. At the end of the day, this is a market where risk can’t be completely avoided. Stocks can be volatile, peaking and falling rapidly. This has to be something you’re prepared for, as at the end of the day it’s all part of the game. There’s only so much you can do to minimise potential problems. But bear in mind that while risk can run high, so can returns. You just have to weigh up how much you’re willing to gamble.


Remember, engagement in stocks and shares is never going to be an entirely risk-free venture, but the above advice can help you along the way!

10 Points Before You Invest In Gold Online

gold bullion

Are you considering buying gold bullion online? It’s a quick and easy thing to do, but here are a few tips to help you out.

1. Search for people that deal in the precious metals market

No doubt you want to buy gold bullion online safety and with little to no risks. So, there first step is to conduct an online search for reputable precious metal dealers and a specialist in fast turnaround. Typically, the top-rated search results are well-known and reliable dealers who have been serving satisfied customers for a long time.


2. Carefully look at each dealer’s website

When you begin looking for online companies from which to buy gold, make sure you visit their website. It is here that you will find out a great deal about a company and its successes.


3. Contact dealers directly

When you do decide to buy gold online, make sure you call potential dealers directly before making a final decision. This will help you to understand the type of service you will get as their customer, thereby helping you to eliminate prospects that do not offer adequate, if any, customer service. Buying gold bullion is not an easy decision, and you should always pick a reputable dealer like


4. Don’t even consider dealers with a less than exceptional reputation

Carefully review a dealer’s reputation and that of the online company before you spend your money. Be rather wary of dealers that offer to do away with tax on gold or those that act in anyway unethical and shady. Look for detailed feedback and ensure the seller you settle on has extensive positive feedback online.


5. Consider length of time in the trade

With today’s high spot price for gold, there are many scammers entering the precious metals industry. Take a look at how long the company has been in business and think twice before buying from new companies.


6. Stay away from unknown and smaller companies

When you invest in gold bullion online, stay well away from those companies that are unknown or relatively small. These dealers are often unethical or have started their online business to cash in on astronomical prices.


7. Check out customer feedback

Typically, customer feedback serves as a massive indicator of bad and good aspects alike. The bullion market has opened up to many scam artists, and by going through the customer feedback, you can avoid such companies.


8. Conduct a thorough web search on dealers

If you are going to be buying gold coins or gold bars online, enter a potential dealer’s company in your search bar and closely go through the results, which often show complaints and unhappy customers reporting about the company’s dishonesty or lack of ethics.


9. Go through reviews on various investment forums

Investment forums are extremely helpful when it comes to investing in gold online. They’re packed full of investors with honest feedback, both negative and positive.


10. Start off small

Finally, start small. Try to limit your first order an a 1-ounce size or smaller to limit potential losses.


Take note of the points we’ve discussed when you’re planning to purchase gold bullion online.

Protect Yourself: Your Property Investment vs. Economic Worries

property investment

There are so many things to get right when it comes to property investment.

The majority are relatively easy to understand. You know you have to find the right property; secure the right mortgage; have a plan for how you’re going to generate further income from your investment. These are the basics, which most people considering a dabble in the property market will be well familiar with.

Beyond that are the deeper details. Things like the need to diversify your finances and researching areas where you’re going to be able to get the most for your money. That’s a moderate level of financial know-how required, but it has one benefit: it’s still very much in your control. Provided you take the time to educate yourself, you’re not going to go very far wrong.

However, what anyone considering playing with property investment has to be aware of is that some things, you just can’t control. By far the most influential factor on your investment – that you have absolutely no control over – is the economy. Not your personal economy and finances, but the finances of the entire country – perhaps even the world – that you live in.


Why Does This Matter?

The health of a housing market has long been seen as one of the factors that is considered when the robustness of an economy is assessed. Economists use house prices, as well as how frequently houses are being bought/sold, as indicators of consumer confidence. After all, if confidence is low – which is generally a bad sign for the economy – then people are more likely to stay put and wait for better days.

While you can strategize and plan for almost everything to do with your property business, the economy is the one area that you definitely and absolutely cannot. It’s beyond your control, but you’re subject to its whims all the same. That’s not fair, but there’s no point getting lost in that point – instead, you have to protect yourself if the economy and consumer confidence goes through a wobble.


How Can You Do That?

There are a few basic strengthening solutions you can apply to your property investment mindset, which can help protect you against any countrywide economic turbulence:

  • Don’t overstretch yourself. When you buy, ensure you’re going to be able to pay the mortgage now, and in the future if your income is lessened.
  • Don’t just invest in property; look for land for sale to help diversify your options. If the housing market goes stale, you can survive thanks to a portfolio of different choices. If the market booms, then you can use that land to build on – so you win both ways.
  • Be prepared to sell at any moment. If the housing market is falling and looks set to go lower, then sometimes the safest thing you can do for your future is sell as quickly as possible. Be ready for this at all times, by keeping up to date when it comes to maintenance around the property.


Should You Worry?

Given that you can’t control the economic future of the country, to an extent, worrying is pointless. If you follow the above to guarantee that you’re as well prepared as you can be for national economic shots, then you’re in good shape – and that’s about as much as you can home for.