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Looking for help before you begin investing? If you’re curious about investing in the financial markets, rule number one is research. Research in depth what your options are, such as money, time constraints, and outcomes. This means that it would be good to think about positive and negative return scenarios on your investments. This way you’ll have a much clearer picture about what to expect for best and worst-case scenarios.


Followed by rule number two: invest according to your financial circumstances. Do not ‘play’ with more money than you can afford to lose, please. Starting small can help you get used to your investing environment.

There is a wealth of professional opinion and advice out there to help you get started. Find the correct form of investment for you. Starting may be difficult but consider something like a spread betting course. Develop your knowledge first. Often courses will be free. They come as part of the package in being a client for certain companies, CMC Markets for example.

Webinars, seminars and demo accounts are also offered by many spread betting providers these days. Companies such as CMC Markets often refer to these materials as educational pieces. It makes sense though. As these are how they can nourish people’s (potential investors) expectations to learn spread betting.  

Investment webinars and videos are searchable and are often on providers’ websites. These are more informational, like ‘how to’ use providers as a broker. Many companies include factual elements with trade examples. It is also useful to cover the basics and act as a good starting point. Tutorials can be in the form of webinars and videos. They will have someone who can walk you through the world of trading and will offer a personal touch on how their platform can best be used.

Most webinars and seminars will give a description of the information to come. Live webinars and seminars can provide a different scenario. They can walk you through more life-like examples and you can see how difficult or easy it is. There is often a chance for Q&As so you’ll get the chance to question anything you’re uncertain about.

With the range of courses and materials available, you can use as much or as little of these as needed. As a general rule, the more you research, the more it will help with your understanding. Demo accounts are another great tool to use along with other educational material. There should be no commitment in signing up for a demo trading account. You’ll have a sum of virtual money to use so don’t need to risk your real money just yet. Demo accounts will help you get hands-on with practising on the platform as well as using what you’ve learned so far. A suggested tip for using the demo is to invest a realistic sum of (fake) money.

There are a lot of investment educational courses available online. Take full advantage of them to help build your knowledge and confidence. Then, if you feel ready, you can start investing.

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