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5 Most Common Workplace Accidents

5 Most Common Workplace Accidents

When you are working, you are bound to face numerous challenges. It can be as simple as trying to wake up early in the morning to something drastic like worrying if you have enough money left. This can be even truer if you do not work at home. You have to worry about the money to spend when commuting, or for the gas of your vehicle.


Another challenge would be the workplace. The workspace is not entirely safe as accidents can also happen in this area. There are uncontrolled events that cause physical harm to workers on the job like slips or trips. Occupational accidents often cause physical and mental injury. Thus, it is just right to file for a legal claim. Different states have specialized attorneys that can handle such cases. For example, people living in the state of New York have access to a highly rated personal injury attorney in Rochester who is available to help you recover compensation for your injuries.

Nevertheless, how can you consider an accident to be a workplace accident? A simple bump from your co-employee causing you to spill coffee on your shirt cannot be considered one. You weren’t injured, first of all, and a stain can be a pain, yes, but it can be cleaned. There are numerous common workplace accidents, but the following can be considered as the most frequent:

Walking into or being hit by Objects

While a little comical, walking into objects can still cause serious injury. Slips or trips can lead to a more serious damage. Employers have a duty to inform their employees of any changes with the floorplan, and leave enough space to avoid environmental hazards. The same goes for objects on high shelves. Employers and employees alike have a responsibility of placing objects properly in their shelves to avoid head injuries.

Structure wise, there is a must to maintain the integrity of the building. The wall and ceiling fixtures must be checked daily to avoid accidents.

Workplace Accidents

Injuries Caused by Personal Protective Equipment

PPEs exist for the sole reason to protect its users from potentially strenuous jobs. If the employer fails to provide these, then they are liable to legal claim. After all, failure to provide PPEs can be considered as a breach to the worker’s safety, accidental or not.

On the other hand, ineffective PPEs can also be enough to hold legal claims against the employer. PPEs are considered inadequate if the equipment is old and outdated, do not fit the environment, and do not fit the user.

Machinery Accidents

The improper use of dangerous machineries can lead to disastrous consequences. All employees are required to read safety guidelines of how to operate these machineries, and the employers have a role to make sure that happens. The employees must also be trained to use the machines, and be given the proper PPEs. The failure to do so can hold the employer and company accountable.

Manual Handling of Heavy Objects and Materials

When you carry heavy objects, your back, neck and shoulders are at risk of injury. Some objects can be too heavy to carry on your own or even with a group of people. If your employer insists on making you do the heavy lifting and you or one of your co-workers get injured, then you can hold your employer accountable.

Other reasons can be the lack of adequate space and overworking the employee.

Burn Injuries

This is usually caused by chemicals, or faulty wiring that can lead to deadly explosions. The lack of safety procedures when dealing with equipment that can cause severe burns can often be enough to claim personal injury.

Even if you do not work in an area where these accidents can happen, it is still important to be safe. By staying vigilant with your safety at work, and recognizing any potential hazards at work will significantly reduce risks.


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