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Main Reason for Immigration: Economic prosperity

Applying and obtaining citizenship can give you significant benefits depending on the country you wish to settle into. There are a lot of countries that accept immigrants, USA, Canada, Singapore, Germany, New Zealand and Australia are considered the most immigration friendly countries. Immigrants chose to come for various reasons, but the real main reason is economic prosperity.

In most cases, people migrate for job opportunities, higher salary offers in their particular field, better working conditions and other attractive benefits. The best way to escape poverty, lack of opportunities or unemployment in their home country is to immigrate.

Ever since the United States opened its doors to welcome immigrants, more and more people come to reside because of employment opportunities. However, applying to become an immigrant is not an easy-peasy task. If you decide to reside in LA, highly rated Goldstein Immigration Lawyers can help you in your immigration process. It is better to seek the best immigration lawyer in town that will never give you false hope but will assist and help you achieve the most favorable outcome possible in your immigrant application.

Aside from Economic prosperity, below are top 5 more reasons for immigration:


The internet brings people closer together emotionally. Now that online dating is the new trend, it is common for more people moving to different places to be with their loved ones.  

Family reunification

For people who have family members abroad, family-sponsored immigration can reunite the whole family to have a better standard of living.

Reason for Immigration

Higher Education

Another top reason people immigrate is to pursue a higher education in better universities abroad.

Superior healthcare

People with serious health problems opt to live in a country which can provide the best healthcare to their underlying medical condition

Political Reasons and find refuge to escape conflict

Some people immigrate in search of political freedom while others feel the need to leave their country of birth to find refuge after being displaced due to environmental factors or to escape violence or conflict.


Though immigrants chose to come for various reasons, studies show that they make indispensable contributions to the economy of the country they chose to live in as they compose an increasingly essential proportion of the workforce. But before you proceed on moving, think it over, is moving really in the interest of your finances?


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