The Essential Guide To Budgeting: Easy Steps

In general, people aren’t conscious of their cash flow. Many people choose to ignore how much money they spend because it is convenient for them to do so. If you decide to avoid knowing about your finances, you will never start to save money. Worse still, if you have excessive debt to pay off, you will never do so unless you look at your personal finances. So, where should you begin? Well, there are loads of things you need to do to keep your finances in check, but the first step is creating a viable budget. Read this essential guide to get your started on your budgeting journey.


Write everything down for a month

Luckily for you, the first month of this plan is super easy. Continue with your usual spending habits for a month and don’t worry about it all that much. The only thing you need to do is write down your spending activity. If you use a calendar, for example, you can mark down each time you have a takeout meal and how much it cost. If you do this for every expense during the month, you can easily see where you spend the most money.


3D Budget Pie Chart
image by Chris Potter – https://flic.kr/p/d5Yvhj


Work out where your money goes

The next thing you need to do is go through all your spending and see where the majority of your money goes. If you look at the calendar, you should see where you spend the most amount of money. If, for example, you are always spending cash on nights out, you have to question why that is. Once you know which area of your life costs you the most, you can start to change it for the better.


Figure out whether you need a lump sum

Sometimes, if you have loads of debt, you need a lump sum to pay off that amount right away. There are plans for equity release and lifetime mortgages that might help you do so. If you get a large quantity of cash, you can pay off your existing debts in one go. That means that you won’t have a million things on your mind when it comes to your budget. Instead, you can keep things simple. If you know what to pay and when to pay it, you should have no issues.


Ask people for advice and help

You would be naive to believe that you can do everything alone. When you are setting a budget for yourself, it is natural that you need some help along the way. Don’t be afraid to talk to the people around you about your finances. For a long time, the issue of money has been a taboo subject, but it needn’t be. If you start talking about what you want to achieve when it comes to your finances, you will find that people are more than a little helpful.


Draw up a reasonable budget

When you have completed all these tiny steps, there is just one thing you have left to do. Drawing up your budget is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting your money in check. You should have all the information you need to draw up a sensible plan, and so you have no excuse when it comes down to it. It is best to start by creating a week by week budget. Sometimes, people find the idea of a monthly budget a little troubling. If you start small, you will find it simple to work your way up to a rigid money system. If you follow these steps, you will find that you have greater control over your personal finances.


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