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Moving Checklist

Moving home is a big job. Whatever you do, don’t leave everything until the last minute because it’s bound to into one almighty headache. In fact, in order to have everything go as perfectly as it can, many people start the moving process a month before exchange of keys. You probably won’t have access to your new home, but it won’t hurt to get the ball rolling as and where you can. Here’s a checklist for moving home to get you off on the right foot.


Yard Sale!
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  1.    Clear Out

When you leave packing boxes until the last minute, you end up taking everything with you. Most families find that they don’t need everything. In fact, it’s a great excuse to get all the clutter out. Go through each room at a time and get rid of anything you don’t want anymore – old toys, ornaments/frames, things that have just become part of the furniture but should be in the bin. If you can’t bear to throw things away, try a yard sale.

  1.    Research

If you already know the date of exchange, you may want to get online and do your research. If you know you’re going to need moving vans, it could be a good idea to start contacting companies for quotes so you get the best deal. There are times when house sales fall through at the last minute and you may need a company that buy houses fast. It’s just a precaution.


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  1.    Keep Important Documents Safe

There are times when things seem to disappear during a move. Even if you’re only moving down the street, you’re guaranteed to lose something. Rather than try and find the mystery black hole that swallowed your birth certificate, get yourself a folder where you can keep all of your important documents. These include things like, passports, drivers licence, all of the new house documents and anything your children need for school.

  1.    Collect Boxes

As the time gets closer, collect as many boxes as you can or you can order house moving packages online. Start putting things you don’t need on a daily basis into your boxes. These things can include vases, pictures, photo frames and general accessories around the home. You can also ask your children to choose some favourite toys to keep out and pack away the rest.

  1.    Use It Up

We’re all guilty of buying things when we don’t really need them. How many tins of beans do you have in your cupboard? Now is the time to use things that have been in the cupboards for months. Remember to check the use by dates before eating anything though! It may also be the case with toiletries. Use the lasts of any shampoo, soap or conditioner before you go. You don’t really want to be packing anything that has the potential to explode.


You can find a more comprehensive list for moving here. If you can be as organised as possible when it comes to a house move, you’ll have more head space to deal with anything else that arises. Good luck!

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