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Money Saving Tips on Spring Landscaping

Can you feel it in the air that spring is coming? Then you should think about your spring landscaping. Contrary to what you think, a garden landscape does not need to be expensive. There are hundreds of ways to make your garden attractive and presentable without breaking the bank. Have a look at these tips and advice.



Say “no” to Overplanting

The more plants you have, the more money you will have to give away for fertilizers and other products. Not to mention, you will be stuck in the garden for hours in order to tackle all the gardening tasks. You should really stick to fewer plants if you want to get everything done quickly and cost-effectively. A large garden would probably use the assistance of a gardener. Choose not to pay a gardener to take care of your garden and do all the tasks by yourself instead.

Go For Native Plants

Selecting native plants for your garden will not add extra costs for soil correction or extra watering. Maintaining species that do not usually grow in your area may turn out quite costly.

Gather Leaves

Gathering leaves is the simplest and easiest garden activity, so why pay for someone else to tackle it for you? You can easily rake the leaves, toss them into a plastic bag. In addition, you can turn them into compost.

Steer Clear of Impulse Buys

If you want to save money, you should really plan all your purchases. This means no impulse buys. Always think twice before heading for the shop. Prior to buying a plant, consider whether you really need it, whether you can take care of it and whether you have an appropriate place for it in your garden. You don’t want to see it die.

Trim Hedges

While it is better to hire a professional to do this one, it is less expensive to do it yourself. Trimming hedges is not such a big deal if you know where to start. You can ask a friend who is familiar with hedge trimming or run a Google search. There are numerous tips on this topic on the Internet, all it takes is a little bit of effort. Besides, hedge trimming is not a regular garden activity. You will have to trim your hedges a couple of times per year.

Mow the Lawn

Mowing the lawn can take from 15 minutes to a couple of hours depending on how big your lawn is. It can be an issue if your agenda is overcrowded, but if you can’t find time to take care of a lawn, then you probably shouldn’t have one. Everything in your garden requires maintenance. If you are not ready to spend some time and effort on keeping your garden at its best, then you had better not start landscaping in the first place.

Use Mulch

The purpose of using much is to keep the garden cool and weed-free and to retain moisture. It also makes the area more beautiful. The best part about much is that it can be anything from grass clippings to straw and shredded leaves – something you already have handy. You can even use newspaper. How you save money by using mulch is you don’t pay for weed killers, you don’t use much fertilizer and you water less.

Test Soil

Instead of guessing what your soil might be lacking, you had better run some tests to see what additives you need to buy. A soil test will not only highlight the ingredients your soil is deprived of, but also show you what plants are best for your garden, based on the type of soil.


The article is kindly contributed by Edna who runs RemovalsMates SE18

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