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Fun Hobbies You Can Pursue Which Will Earn You Extra Cash On The Side


We all have at least one hobby to brag about. Whether it’s creative, scientific, indoors or outdoors, there’s something for everyone. What many people don’t know is that they can pocket some cash while doing the things they love. So, if you’re planning on becoming a freelancer or just want to earn extra money alongside university or a full-time job, read on to learn about the best hobbies which will support you financially.



If you’re an avid writer in your spare time, think about turning this into a way to earn some extra dough. There are plenty of online companies which will pay for your content writing abilities, as well as other skills such as, proofreading and editing. If your dream is to become an author, make that dream a reality and make a start on that novel! Also, if you’re a voracious reader, consider doing book reviews in your spare time. For the bookworms out there this sounds like heaven; getting paid to conduct the hobby you love the most! Writing reviews can also be done for any other entertainment mode, for example, movies, TV shows and music festivals.


Stock Market

On the contrary, for the number crunchers among us, this is the perfect activity to get into. The stock market can be a volatile place to delve into, especially if you don’t know much about it. However, if you do your research and keep up-to-date in the world of the stock market, you can go a long way and achieve financial gains. The internet is filled with tons of advice and index information about the best stocks to make an investment. For those who like to keep informed about the latest stock figures, check out a stock seasonality screener. Math lovers and dare-devils are sure to thrive by undertaking the stock market in their spare time and earns you money too. Just be prepared to gain and lose!



Do you sleep and eat football? Is the gym your home-from-home? If so, consider making it a money-making hobby. Become a personal trainer and share your passion for fitness. You could either pop into your local gym and ask if they’re hiring for trainers or go freelance. You could also become a sports coach. If either of these professions is something which you want to pursue, ensure that you check the qualification requirements first.



Have you ever considered selling your artwork or turning your photography skills into a way to earn extra dough? What better time to do it than at the start of 2018? Go freelance and create your own website to share your work publicly. Update it regularly with all of your amazing artwork or photos, and soon you could be earning money through donations. Not only is this great for tucking away some cash, but it acts as an online portfolio to show potential future employers for that dream job. If it all gets too much and you need to organise your finances, use online money tools to do the work for you. There are tons of resources online which are there to help!

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