Running a small business is not always an easy thing to do, especially when you have a lot of overheads and feel like you are constantly trying to keep the wolves from the door. One way to make life easier and give you more energy and time to actually run your business is to reduce your overheads. If there is less money going out in the various costs of running the business then you will have more cash flow to put back into the business and make it better than ever. Here are 5 simple ways to minimize your business overheads.

business overheads

Get an Accountant

One awesome way to save money on overheads is to get an accountant to help you with your finances. Accountants have many years of training in working with money so they will be able to help you save in ways that you never realised were there. The investment of having an accountant will outweigh the money that you might be losing that could be saved by a few simple mathematical adjustments.

Get Rid of Paper

There was once a time when we would get a memo for everything, printed on paper, but these days, with email and other online facilities there is no need for using heaps of paper in the business, so why not go paperless? Getting rid of paper in the business is something that a lot of businesses are doing, so its not like you are re-inventing the wheel, and clients are getting more and more used to receiving things only via email. Let customers know that you are going green and go paperless in your business to save on overheads.

Get Rid of the Office Phone

With everyone having their own mobile phone there really is not that much need to have a business phone that is costing you money. Getting rid of the work phone will mean that you have one point of contact for your business and phone calls can come through you and other staff members (if you have them) without too much trouble. This is definitely a great way to save money on business overheads and many business run without an office phone now.

Hire Employees Who Can Multi-task

When hiring employees, instead of hiring two different people to do two different jobs you could hire one person who can do a few different jobs. Not only will this mean that you are paying less in wages, but you will find that productivity will go up with the employee always having something to do while they are work.

Move Offices

If one of your overheads is the rent on your office, and you have found that business has slowed down a lot then it might be a good idea to move to a different office. Some businesses can work pretty easily from a home office, and if you need to meet with clients you can hire a serviced office for particular days, or weeks at places like Corporate House Australia.


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