Keeping an office connected and in communication with all other parts of it is a good way to keep your team on track, keep the primary goal in mind and get the job done as fast as possible. It aids in delegation, leadership and separation without losing touch. It is generally considered to be an expensive and time consuming process but here are some easy ways to get it done on the cheap.


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Instant Messaging

This has the advantages of being cheap and easy at the disadvantage at the risk of lack of productivity. Simply connecting the office to a messaging service like Skype, or even giving them specific Facebook accounts for their work and connecting them to each other allows employees to communicate with one another at will. This means that they can talk to one another and will need to be monitored diligently by management to prevent them from messing around.


Mobile Fleet

This is a simple way of saying give everyone the same mobile on the same plan with everyone’s numbers on it. Many companies offer discount or even free calls to phones of the same carrier so as long as they only have work numbers in them you’re good. Having a mobile fleet operational will allow a simple flat rate per month to keep all employees in communication 24-7.


Special Business Call Rates


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This is a pretty simple system, a lot of phones in offices all linked to a special call rate as long as they call for business purposes. Companies like Com2 are capable of offering cheap phone call rates to businesses. See for details into these rates as well as other communication options. This is an easy system to monitor, as you can quite easily have a log of calls made out of the office.


Desktop Sync

This is a series of simple systems that will be of more use if you have installed the group Facebook idea above. This will allow you to have work events placed in a group calender, as well as an individual and team deadlines. This will quite easily allow for every employee to see the schedules and orders for the rest of the team and know what they’re all doing. With this simple technique you can quite easily become interconnected.


Cloud Files

Cloud Files are an off site data storage system that allows everyone to share their files and build the project collaboratively. This allows you to figure out where everyone else is on the project, as well as encouraging cooperation on projects that would otherwise be difficult to interconnect. This takes the uncertainty out of group projects, you don’t have to wonder if the other person on the project is ready yet.

Getting the job done together is far better than getting it done in pieces. Having everyone know where they are, where everyone else is and what their leaders need from them can give you a massive edge over everyone around you.


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