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What To Cut Out When In ‘Survival Saving Mode’


When it comes to repairing your finances thanks to mistakes made in the past, you may need to adjust your behaviour – at least from a financial perspective. Your finances are never static, it requires a constant observation and planning to keep them above board. Of course, the more you have, the more able you are able to systemize income and take care of it without worry. However, not all of us have that luxury. Sometimes, we find ourselves relatively destitute, and this can put us in ‘survival saving mode.’

We’re not here to list the many ways you can get to this place, or to judge you for it in the least. Almost everyone worries about finances and has difficulty from time to time. What matters is how you approach the situation to correct it without worry. We’re here to help you correct it, by educating you about a prioritizing mindset.

When your finances are very poor, you must take all methods necessary to correct it, lest the problems continue and grow exponentially. To make the most of this, you must cut out the following:


Premium ‘Anything’

Paying over the odds for a great quality product is likely not going to be your default course of action from now until the issue is resolved. Savings can occur dramatically this way. From toilet paper to vine tomatoes, choosing the basic or supermarket-own option can help you live relatively the same way but without the ‘best’ mentality that can often waste money. Some items should be cut out completely. Bottled water, sugary drinks and snacks, entertainment and other items are simply not needed.

It sounds overkill, but it’s true. You can entertain yourself for almost nothing these days with books, television and other items. Make humility your default method of living, and you’ll be stunned at how much further your income stretches, and how many payments can be made towards your debt sooner.


Spending Before Thought

It’s easy to grab items from a store shelf that you enjoy, purchase it and not worry about the cost. This is a terrible habit to get into. Your budgeting should become an exact science from now on, and not an esoteric art. Using services such as YNAB (You Need A Budget) and can give you a positive boost towards your money management perspective.

Thought, reflection and improvement are habits which need applying to your schedule, and will help you make wiser purchasing decisions. Even if your credit is in the toilet, or you’re having a really hard time making funding stretch, you can be sure this will give you the tools and mentality needed to make a start.



We all have vices. We all need vices to a certain extent. They humanize us and can make life a little easier. If you’re in terrible financial standing however, you might need to cut out this reckless spending. This can be a great opportunity to begin your life anew with better habits. It’s difficult we know, but cutting out cigarettes, alcohol at the weekends, deserts, eating out and other indulgences can open your finances up to a massive degree. Every penny counts when you’re trying to meet a debt deadline.


With these implements cut out, you’ll find your life has improved, as your humble necessity will make a return. Learn what you can during this process, it will help you with better spending decisions no matter how affluent you become later in life.


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