Platinum Rapid Funding Shares: Funding Options For Small Businesses


Merchant Cash Advance

Platinum Rapid Funding Group is a merchant cash advance company, helping small businesses obtain working capital. For over six years, they have had an impact in helping entrepreneurs reach their goals through providing funding options. Merchant cash advances are still relatively new and many individuals are unaware of how they work and how they can help. To explain it better, they have answered a few of the most common questions they get to business owners understand what is available to them and their options.

Is a Merchant Cash Advance Right for a Small Business?

If a business is struggling to obtain funds through traditional funding sources, a merchant cash advance is a great option. Money can be obtained quickly and getting approved is typically easy.

The money can be used for a variety of things to benefit a business. Common uses include paying vendors, upgrading equipment, and even hiring new employees or independent contractors. The saying is, people need money to make money. A merchant cash advance can be the right push needed.

Repayment is based upon future credit or debit card sales. This is good for smaller businesses who might not have an idea on what their daily revenue will be.

What is the Difference Between ACH Funding and Credit Card Splits?

Automated Clearing House (ACH) funding and credit card splits are the two preferred methods for repayment of the merchant cash advance.  An ACH is a daily bank withdrawal on the account based on the weekly or daily payment. A credit card split is the percentage of daily card processing payments.

With ACH funding, a business owner can stay with their preferred processing company instead of switching to match Platinum Rapid Funding. The merchant will give Platinum Rapid Funding access to their online bank account to ensure that repayments can be made. Each month, the percentage is debited from the account.

What Are a Few Examples of Small Businesses That Platinum Rapid Funding Can Help?

Platinum Rapid Funding has helped business of all different industries obtain funding. There are a growing number of business owners who simply need a reliable option to turn to when kick-starting a new product, idea, or overall growth. Most of the businesses that come to us for funding have been around for five years or less. There is always a soft spot for these young, excited business owners who are trying to really do something about their business and take it to new heights.

How Can a Person Get More Funding Insights from Platinum Rapid Funding?

Platinum Rapid Funding has a team prepared to answer any questions you may have when considering a merchant cash advance. A representative is available during business hours from 9 am to 6 pm EST to answer any questions. Readers can find more information and apply at or follow them on social media. While you’re there, check out our newest feature, our  blog that discusses all topics beneficial to business owners.


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Cash Advance Loans

Sometimes we are facing great dilemmas wherein our budget is being challenged. Even if we are receiving minimum or better salaries, there are times that our budgeting does not work well. Most especially, if we have not saved something for any emergency cases that will require us to spend money beyond our budgets. Here, there are options that can provide solution for the problem. At times like this, we have to sort the needs that must be taken care immediately. If we have tight budget, it can disrupt our daily activities. To prevent this, we can always depend on Cash Advance Loans.

cash advance

This type of loans entitles people who have stable job that can support the needs of their family. The purpose for this is to provide an immediate financial support for their client in times of emergency cases. This service can be provided by any credit or charge card issuers. It is very flexible because it allows their client to withdraw money through ATM, over the counter at any affiliated bank and other lending corporation. They can also avail for Cash Advance Loans for paying of their purchased products and services that accept cards.

The method of payment will base on the extent of salary received by the client. In other countries, there are banks that check the income tax filed by people, and if they found out that the target client is eligible, they will send the card to the address of the payer. Other banks may require the following documents to process their loans.

These requirements are:

  1. Pay Slip. It must contain the current amount of net income for the last two recent months.
  2. Certificate of Employment. This can support the applicant who applies for the loan. It can guarantee the assurance of the lending corporation that the client who is applying for loan is capable of paying the interests and debt.
  3. Income Tax Certificate. This is applicable for client who wanted to avail of long-term loan from the company. This certificate must be submitted to the company stating the entire income of the client for the whole year.
  4. Certificate of Employment. Some lending firm will require their client to submit a certified true copy of their certificate of employment or service. It must contain information concerning the employment status and the length of service to their workplace. Other companies may include the basic salary received by their workers who are applying for loan.
  5. Personal Identification Cards. IDs are part of the requirements providing that the applicant is reliable and not a bogus. Most of the lending company may require their clients to submit at least two Identification Cards issued by government.


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Fast Cash Advance Loans: The Solution for Emergency Cash

Cash advance loans are important when somebody needs cash on a crucial situation and do not have the enough time to achieve comprehensive official procedure that is typically elaborate in loan providing facilities of banks and monetary organizations. Fast cash advance loans are certainly ideal way to acquire fast money; however, the debtors need to take exceptional actions like spending the loan on suitable time in order to avoid disbursing massive interest charges that are compulsory on uneven or late outflows of the fast cash advance loans. Cash advance loans are developing as a common alternative in contradiction of loan from banks, for the reason that one can acquire immediate approval of loans.

Cash advance loans online are pulling attention of a lot of debtors for the reason that these loans are given in a reckless and simple method. One of the greatest appealing portions of the cash advance loans is that the moneylenders of such loans don’t look at the credit record of the debtor and that is the reason why this type of loan has occurred as a common substitute for people getting bad credit record. Debtors could get all-out advantage from the cash advance loans just after providing distinct apprehension to the risks elaborate in a cash advance loan like it is a temporary and tall interest loan. Debtors are provided by just short time duration to settle these loans. Moneylenders could enact additional interest when the borrower demand extension lead of owed date stable for the payment of the cash advance loan, and by this method, borrower needs to search for more cash advance loan in order to settle the compulsory substantial interest, thus getting stuck into spiteful world of loaning.

Fast cash advance loans are flourishing for those who are having bad credit reputation as they could evade themselves from receiving monetary tumbledown by inducement of their previous moneylenders with fast development loans. These loans could be offered by online moneylenders to the debtor within just 24 hours, one only have to give the debtors feed of significant information in the online loan submission form like indication of financial credit, employment proofs in order to guarantee the borrower’s paying ability, home address proof, community security certificate number, and the most bank report. All your information like bank fine points, designation, address, employment, and possessions of the debtors are saved confidential by the moneylenders offering quick cash loans and therefore one could promptly choose for fast cash advance loans.

Choosing for fast cash advance is one of the greatest stress-free methods to acquire emergency money as it eliminates outdated loan captivating necessities like your faxing number of official papers to the moneylenders in order to get authorization for the loan. The money will be sent to your bank account within just the period of 24 hours.

Advantages of Cash Advance Loans

When we say cash advance loans, it actually refers to cash loans that can be withdrawn or use to pay some goods or services. Cash advance are normally added to credit cards and when needed, can be used like a regular ATM card to dispense cash. Although proven to be more expensive due to higher interest rates compared to credit card usage, there are still advantages of using cash advance loans.

It is fast cash. If you are approved for cash advance loan, then consider yourself lucky. Regardless of when and where you will need money, you got a card and a bank to back you up. One example of using it to your advantage is when you need to pay hospital bills. Most hospitals doesn’t accept credit cards- only cash and if you have cash advance loan credit on your card, then it is like paying in cash when in fact it is another credit added to your card.

One example of cash advance loan is payday loan. This loan is very easy to get approved once all requirements get passed. No credit check needed. All you have to submit is a proof of age, proof of income and identification. This application can be processed online making it more convenient for the applicant. Also, approval doesn’t take that long and you won’t have to think about it for a long period of time since it offers short term payments. The bottom line is cash advance loans are very accessible for everyone even if you have a bad credit loans.

Basically, having a cash advance loan capability added to your credit card or being able to do payday loans is very important. It is a big help to be able to recover from emergency situations especially if it is not payday yet. It can be your saviour on a bad weekend. No collateral needed and no need to wait for long turnaround time that might not come. Moreover, confidentiality agreement is greatly secured on this type of transaction and rest assured whatever reasons you have for getting cash advance or payday loan, it will be between you and your bank.

So, is it worth it to get a cash advance loan rather than get a credit card? The answer depends on your needs. However, please note that there are companies out there that provide services and products on a cash bass only and if all you have is a credit limit- you might not be able to afford their service. Yet, before going into cash advances, be aware that the interest rate for this kind of loan is much higher than the normal credit and loans that you might have tried already.