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How Some Basic Computer Programs Can Help You Better Manage Your Finances

Whether you are simply looking for a better way to manage your household finances, or in business looking for ways to simplify the process of financial management, without having to hire professional services, there are many options available to you. And best of all, many of these are free and easy to use, with a little bit of practise. Let’s have a look at some of these free programs & reputable advice websites:


manage your finances
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Mint (Web App, iOS, Android, Windows)

Mint is a great app, available across a range of devices and on the web. It allows you to keep track of expenses and can also keep tabs on your bank accounts, investments and credit cards. Creating budgets is very simple with Mint, and it can also give you financial oversights and best of all, is mobile, so you can access it on the go with your mobile device. Sign up is free, and you can even pay bills and check your credit score with this piece of software.


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Expensify (Pretty Much Every Platform)

Perfect for business owners, and those who may travel a lot, this app allows you to not only track your finances, but to add expenses as they happen, log mileage travelled, take images of receipts that you may have, and much more. Again, sign up is free, and there are demos available, so you can see exactly how this works.

Reputable Websites:

Other than us of course, there are many reputable websites out there that can provide sound financial advice to you, regardless of the purpose you require it for. Take for example, Cash Lady – many helpful tips can be obtained by visiting these kinds of webpages, and by following some of the steps laid out for you. Of course, your favourite Search Engine will also be of help to you.


manage your finances


The Best Paid Tool:

If you have some money set aside for such software, or would prefer to pay a little premium to ensure the “Rolls Royce” service, you could not go far wrong by installing “You Need A Budget”. Famous the world over as a premier tool for financial planning, this app costs $60 to install on your computer. You also get a free app for your mobile device that is linked to your account. YNAB looks to change the way that you manage your money, and has 4 steps or rules to live by such as living on last month’s income. The goal is to create stress free financial management, and through a feature packed, attractive app and a simple user interface, this is achieved. This is a most worthwhile investment for financial planning, should your budget allow for it.

Those are only a tiny portion of what is available to you when it comes to financial planning tools and advice websites. Hopefully this will be of some help to you, and assist you in turning your financial woes around, for the better!

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