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4 Common Types of Legal Claims

Legal Claims

Making a claim for compensation is a sensitive legal matter that must be held by an expert lawyer. If you’ve been injured in an accident due to negligence, road mishap or work injury, a victim of domestic violence or other forms of pain and suffering, the burden of costly medical expenses and legal costs are just two of the sad realities we are always confronted with.

Great news for suffering victims that you no longer have to go through and live with the consequences of another person’s carelessness and negligence just because you have no money to hire a legal adviser. It is now possible to claim personal injury compensation through a No Win No Fee agreement. A No Win No Fee is a conditional agreement between the legal representative and the client. This agreement assures the client’s peace of mind as it doesn’t have to cost a penny regardless of your claim’s outcome. However, you also need to do your part by supplementing and organizing the evidence and documents needed as well as the witnesses that will help your No Win No Fee Lawyer in defending your case.

Hiring the services of a lawyer to represent you is beneficial especially if you don’t have any legal understanding about what type of legal claim you are entitled to and how will this legal claims work.

Below are the common types of legal claims:

Road/Traffic Accidents.  You can claim compensation if you are a victim and get injured because of a road accident. The most common road accidents that falls under this claim are: vehicle collision, occurred accident because of problems with road safety facilities, driver’s ignorance and failure to abide by road traffic regulations, if you are a pedestrian harmed through reckless driving and more.

Medical Negligence. Health care professional negligence that will lead to a lawsuit are: prescribing improper medication and dosage, defective drugs, misdiagnosis, wrong site surgery, surgical errors and more. Medical malpractice may become a criminal offense in extreme conditions like situations regarding the wrongful death of a patient. If you are a physician in this circumstance, it is best to seek an Orlando criminal attorney if you are living in central Florida. They will help make sure that your rights are protected.

Work Related Injury. A work related injury can be injuries that took place while a worker is travelling and visiting other workplace sites as a part of his job, it can be an illness caused by chemical or harmful substance exposure in the work environment or physical injuries like fractures, burns or being hit by a falling object..

Divorce and Domestic Violence. The court may allow alimony or spousal support after a divorce based on the court decision or agreement between the couple. Domestic abuse on the other hand is not only based on the victim’s visible physical injuries, it may also be in the form of verbal abuse like threats and coercion, emotional violence and intimidation.

With the help of a good and reliable solicitor, probable compensatory damages can be given to the claimant of a lawsuit.

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